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    Cashback Program

    CentEase offers a service that allows members to earn cashback on purchases made at over 1,000 brands. You only need a valid email address and password to join CentEase. CentEase does not sell or rent your personal information to third parties, and does not ‘spam’ its members. CentEase receives a fee for referring its members to affiliated merchant brands and uses that fee to pay members cashback on their purchases. Please read this complete member agreement (“Agreement”) for full details on the CentEase Cashback Shopping Program. CentEase maintains the right to change this Agreement in whole or in part, at any time, with or without notice.  

    Member Eligibility

    Membership in the Program is free of charge. By signing up as a member (“Member”), you agree to be bound by this Agreement. A valid email address must be provided to join CentEase so that we can send you emails relating to your account information. Members must be at least eighteen (18) years old and agree not to use the Program for any illegal or fraudulent activities.  

    Updating & Maintaining Your Account

    You must be logged into CentEase and enter your password to change your account information and payment preferences. You may check your account status and recent earning history at any time via the “ACCOUNT” tab on the menu. You are responsible for keeping your password and other account information confidential. CentEase is entitled to act on instructions received under your password and is not responsible for any credits or debits made to your account by someone else who uses your password.  

    Inactive Member accounts & Termination of Membership

    CentEase reserves the right to terminate your account if it is inactive for more than twelve (12) consecutive months. Your account may be reactivated by starting a shopping session via CentEase and completing a qualifying purchase or updating your account information. CentEase may also suspend or terminate the rights of your account if there are evidence of any suspected fraudulent activities. Any failure to comply with this Program Agreement, any fraud or abuse relating to the accrual or receipt of cashback rewards, or any misrepresentation of any information furnished to CentEase or its affiliates by you or anyone acting on your behalf may result in the termination of your membership in the Program and forfeiture of your accrued cashback rewards.  

    Earning Cashback

    Earning cashback is simple: Choose a brand, product, or other offer displayed on CentEase, click the accompanying shopping link to be directed to an affiliated brand website (“Affiliate Brand”), and complete a purchase to earn cashback on your net purchase amount. Please note that the net purchase amount excludes taxes, fees, shipping, gift-wrapping, discounts or credits, returns or cancellation, and extended warranties. Certain Affiliate Brands exclude a limited number of products and purchases from the Program. CentEase does its best to minimize and maintain an up-to-date list of exclusions on CentEase. To start earning cashback, you must complete your purchase during the same shopping session you start after clicking on the CentEase link. If you visit other sites before completing your purchases or use coupons not provided by CentEase, your purchases might be associated with a service other than CentEase and you might not earn cashback on your purchase. If you disable ‘cookies’ on your computer, you will not be able to earn cashback as cookies are used to authenticate the user and be certain cashback is assigned to the Member account.  

    Earning bonuses & Other Rewards

    CentEase offers additional monetary bonuses or other rewards for sign-up in the Program, for referring other new Members, or for other specific actions. The terms and conditions accompanying such offers will govern how they are earned and paid if the terms and conditions differ from this Agreement. To qualify for a sign-up bonus payment, a new Member must establish an Active Account (defined below) and complete the beginner tour of CentEase. To qualify for a referral bonus, a Member must refer a new Member who establishes his or her own Active Account. An individual person is only eligible for one sign-up bonus and may earn only one referral bonus per individual person referred.  

    Terms of Use

    CentEase is made available for use in connection with your participation in the Program. You may, as part of your use, copy electronically and print portions of the website but you should not use such access or content to generate income of any kind. Any other use of materials on this website (including without limitation reproduction for a purpose other than that noted above and any modification, distribution or republication) without our prior written permission is prohibited. In particular, you may not use any data or information made available on or by this website in connection with any business or commercial undertaking (whether or not for profit).   The intellectual property in all design, text, graphics and other materials and the selection or arrangement of such material in this website is owned by CentEase and/or our respective licensors.   We do not make any representations, warranties, or terms of any kind in respect of this website or its contents (including, without limitation, any views or comment made) other than those required by law.   All information and/or data included in and/or on this website is made available for guidance only. Your use of such information and/or data is therefore entirely at your own risk. We will not be held liable for any loss suffered as a result of your use of this website.   This website may include links to websites and/or services owned and/or operated by participating companies and/or third parties. These are provided for your convenience and we are not responsible for and do not give any warranties or make any representations regarding any such websites and/or services and are not responsible for or liable in relation to the content or your use of such websites (other than to the extent required by law).