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    Coleman 36QT (34 Litre) Cooler Combo Box- Blue Coleman

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    Everything you need for the picnic or tailgate, the Coleman 36-Quart Cooler Combo includes a 36-quart cooler, 5-quart personal cooler, and 1/3-gallon beverage jug. The 36-quart cooler holds 46 twelve-ounce cans, and is tall enough to store 2-liter bottles upright. It features molded handles for easy carrying, substantial foam insulation to keep everything cool, and four built-in cup holders in the lid. It-Inchs durable, rust-proof and scuff-resistant. The 5-quart personal cooler holds 6 twelve-ounce cans. It features a FlipLid top that reverses to become a handy beverage tray with molded drink holders. Centease sells coleman malaysia. The 1/3-Gallon Jug has a wide-mouth, twist-on cap so it-Inchs easy to fill, while the flip-top spout makes pouring easy and neat. A bail handle makes it comfortable to carry.



    • 36-qt. cooler: Holds 46 cans, almost two cases of soda
    • 36-qt. cooler: Molded handles for easy carrying
    • FlipLid™ 6 personal cooler: Holds 6 cans
    • FlipLid™ 6 personal cooler: Top reverses for a serving tray with molded cup holders
    • FlipLid™ 6 personal cooler: Wide-bottom base for stability
    • Jug: Wide-mouth, twist-on cap for quick filling
    • Jug: Flip-top spout to grab a drink anywhere
    • Coolers and Jug: ThermOZONE™ insulation doesn’t contain CFCs, HFCs or HCFCs, which deplete the ozone


    • Non-Toxic
    • Freeze And Use.
    • For best result, freeze overnight before use.
    • Check for leak before freezing