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    Coleman 40QT Wheeled Cup Holder Cooler Box + Ice Pack 350ML of 2pcs Coleman

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    The Coleman 40-Quart Wheeled Cooler features a comfortable tow handle and large, sturdy wheels, so one person can comfortably pull it even over uneven terrain. The 40-Quart Cooler holds 59 twelve-ounce cans. CentEase sell Coleman Malaysia.The hinged lid features 4 built-in beverage holders, and is designed to accommodate 24-Inch elastic cords (not included) for extra dry storage on top. The cooler has molded handles for comfortable lifting and carrying. A rustproof, leak-resistant drain provides easy no-tilt draining.


    • Holds 59 cans
    • Large wheels and tow handle for one-person pulling
    • Molded handles for easy lifting and carrying
    • Hinged lid with built-in can holders
    • Rustproof, leak-resistant drain for no-tilt draining


    Keep your food and drinks cold with the mess-free Coleman Ice Pack. This ice pack will freeze quickly overnight, making it simple to pack into your cooler in the morning, ready for your trip. Enjoy the extended cooling effects of the ice pack without having to deal with the mess of melting ice! CentEase sell Coleman Malaysia. The reusable Coleman Ice Packs are a perfect choice when packing your cooler for picnics, long car rides or fishing trips!


    • Non-Toxic
    • Freeze And Use.
    • For best result, freeze overnight before use.
    • Check for leak before freezing