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    How does cashback work?
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    Do I need an account with CentEase Cashback?
    Yes, we will require you to be logged in to your CentEase Cashback account because this is the only way we could track your transactions and reward you your cashback.

    What happen when my order is cancelled?
    Our agreement with our partner websites is that they would not pay out for cancelled / refunded transactions. So in this case, your cashback will be voided.

    Why is my cashback not appearing on my dashboard?
    Cashback will take up to 48 hours to be updated in your account. If you do not see your cashback after 48 hours, you may notify us via Missing Cashback form

    How do I withdraw my Cashback?
    When you have accumulated RM10.00 or more in approved cashback, you can make a cash withdrawal via “My Dashboard”. We will then bank-in your cashback to your Malaysian bank account within 7 working days.
    Please ensure all information is updated accurately in your Account Settings to avoid payment rejections by the bank. There is a re-processing fee of RM5.00 to arrange for a second bank transfer if your first payment is rejected.

    Why is my Cashback pending?
    When you first receive your cashback in your account, it will be in “pending” status. It will be in "approved" status after the redeemable days stated in the store. It is because our partner stores need to inform us that there will be no further issues with your purchase (no disputes / refunds / cancellations).

    What happen if my bank account details is wrong?
    If you have not request for a cash withdrawal, just update your details in account settings.
    If you have requested a cash withdrawal with the wrong details, you can still update it, but we will have to charge you an administration fee of RM10.00 for a second bank transfer.

    Why didn't I get my cashback?
    Don't worry, fill up this Missing Cashback form and we will investigate it with our partner store. Please provide as much details as possible to ease the investigation process.

    How to make sure I get my Cashback?
    Always make sure you click the “Shop Now” button which will redirect you to our partner websites before making your purchase.
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